My name is Anya.

I live a ferry ride from Seattle, Washington and I am a total PNW’er who likes to drink chai lattes and wear Birkenstocks. I am such a cliché.

I am also a cliché in other ways. For example, I believe in love at first sight and fight for happily-ever-afters and I got married at 19. Fourteen years later I am still ridiculously in love with the guy. Yes, I am 33. Yes, they are all my kids. Yes, I grew my family through birth and adoption. No, I do not think I am Angelina Jolie.**

I am a writer of young adult fiction and I make voice memo notes while I drive and there are 68 stickies on my desktop reminding me about that bit for the book I am working on and I get up way to early thinking about fictional characters and stay up way to late trying to fix scenes in my head.

I am a reader who gets weekly stacks from the library hold shelf and I obsessively read Goodreads reviews after I finish a book, holding my own make-believe book-club. And I am such a fangirl and I love to gush over books and push them on people. Yes, I am a book pusher. I’M A PUSHER.