Maggie and the Mercury Retrograde

❤️This is a stand-alone romance!❤️

My life is spinning out of control faster than I can say sorry for all the things I’ve done since this whole planetary shift began.

Like apologize for the fact I made out with my soon-to-be stepbrother. And his stepbrother. And that I’m crushing on the one guy I swore I’d never be into…while keeping it all from my BFF.

Mom says I think the world revolves around me, but the truth is, I’m just trying to survive the worst week of my life.

The universe is legit out to get me. It started when my gaming nemesis deleted my AsteroMine galaxy and it’s only gone downhill from there.

It isn’t my fault. I swear.

Tallie and the Total Eclipse

❤️This is a stand-alone romance!❤️

Now that I’ve landed the guy of my dreams, things have gotten complicated.

Life would be easy if Orion and I lived in a love bubble where we worked on our comic book 24/7. But nothing is that simple.

Especially when my parents full-on helicopter me, my boyfriend won’t kiss me…for reasons, and my cousin – a quintessential bad girl – is moving in and totally eclipsing my life.

The only thing I know is that those leather-clad, butt-kicking girls in comics always get what they want.

I’m sick of being the good girl everyone expects me to be.

So I’m trying something new. Wish me luck.

Bela and the Black Hole

❤️This is a stand-alone romance!❤️

All my friends are Ivy-league-bound with four-year plans and guys they legitimately love. Me? Not even close.

While everyone I know has their life mapped out, I'm left behind. Floundering with a boyfriend I only sorta like.

The only person who seems to notice is Avery… unfortunately, he’s a Player with a capital P.

Oh, he’s also my boyfriend’s best friend. I’ve fallen for the wrong guy before…and don’t want to get hurt again. He's just so hard to resist when our gravitational pull feels so right.

I’m getting sucked into a black hole, and I don’t know if love is what I'll find on the other side.